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This is a community for showing love to the Disney film Newsies.
We're a pretty accepting crowd, so practically anything goes. You can post stories, photo manipulations, fan videos, im conversations about the fandom... Seriously, anything goes, with a few exceptions:

1. Be nice to everyone.

2. Try to keep the community somewhat on topic. Newsies has to be mentioned to go into the community.

3. Respect everyone's opinion. If you think that "SARA IZ TEH ONLY GURL 4 JAQ!" don't go bashing the Javid shippers. And vice versa. I have no issues kicking you out of the community for repeated offenses.

4. If your post is long PLEASE USE LJ-CUTS. This is my greatest pet peeve. Also, if your material is sexually explicit, it needs to be under a cut, so that we don't pollute the minds of today's youth.

5. If you have a story, please put the rating beforehand. I have intention of being a peddler of smut to twelve-year-olds. If you are not old enough to read a story/look at a picture/etc. I can't stop you, but I do strongly discourage you from clicking.

6. Use proper English. Only Jack is allowed to have bad spelling. "L337" speak, or any other violation of the sacred English language is cause for being banned from the community. It can be used in a satirical manner, but please don't go overboard.

Outside of that- which I really don't think is difficult- just enjoy yourselves.