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[Sep. 21st, 2006|06:47 pm]
Community for Newsie Love


YunaKitty2987: Jack: About damn time.
PolarSnuggles: David: Oh, quiet you.
YunaKitty2987: Jack: Did you just try to silence me?
PolarSnuggles: David: Yes.  I did.  What are YOU going to do about it?
YunaKitty2987: Jack: I'm going to teach you a lesson! *jumps David*
PolarSnuggles: David: Oh no!*presents self*
YunaKitty2987: Blink: Their sexual magnetism to each other is astounding. And frightening.
PolarSnuggles: Mush*walks up shirtless*: Yeah.
YunaKitty2987: Blinkjumps*
PolarSnuggles: Mush: HELLZ YEA!
PolarSnuggles: Skittery*pops Valium*: So much jumping.
YunaKitty2987: Oscar: *walks in, sulking*
PolarSnuggles: Skittery*so drugged up*: Hey...
YunaKitty2987: Oscar: I hate my life.
PolarSnuggles: Skittery: I don't feel anything...*falls on Oscar, sleeping*
YunaKitty2987: Oscar: Fish.
YunaKitty2987: (Your MST makes me giggle.)
PolarSnuggles: Snitch: Hey, Oscar, I'm bored with my significant other.
PolarSnuggles: (it's AWFUL isn't it?)
YunaKitty2987: Oscar: Whatever, I'm horny.
YunaKitty2987: (It's like OMG eenglesh lecons arrh mah freend.)
PolarSnuggles: Skittery*regains consciousness*: Hey!  You can only cheat on me with your brother.
PolarSnuggles: David*stops being secksed*: What?
YunaKitty2987: Oscar: Incest turns him on.
PolarSnuggles: David: That's just sick...right Jack?  Jack?
Jack: Heh heh...what?
David: What?
Jack: I stole some of Skittery's pills!*holds up bottle of Teamocil* (IL AD references)
YunaKitty2987: Skittery: ....
YunaKitty2987: (I wonder if somebody's uploaded it to YouTube)
PolarSnuggles: Jack: Hee hee...what?
PolarSnuggles: (check)
PolarSnuggles: David: Oi gevaut.  Get off me if you're high
YunaKitty2987: Skittery: Give me back my pills!*tackles Jack in a bad way, while he
YunaKitty2987: 's still on top of David*
PolarSnuggles: David: My spleen!
Jack: Heh heh...hey, my hand's bleeding.
PolarSnuggles: Snitch: It's been bleeding for the past five minutes, Jack.
Oscar: You've been watching him?
Snitch*innocent whistle*
YunaKitty2987: Skittery: PILLS!!!
PolarSnuggles: David: Oh here!
YunaKitty2987: (AD is on Youtube. XD)
YunaKitty2987: Skittery: *grabs pills and hides in corner, hugging them* MINE.
PolarSnuggles: Oscar: I'd say to get the tranqs but that'd probably make things worse.
PolarSnuggles: Dutchy: Yeah...I tried that last night.  It just turned him on more...
YunaKitty2987: Skittery: Happy happy joy joy.
YunaKitty2987: Jack: The flaming penguins are cold.
PolarSnuggles: David*pats*
Oscar: Wait...what do you mean?
Dutchy: Skittery and I are banging each other.
Specs: But I'm sleeping with Skits
Snitch:...Me too
Jack: Flurple cone monkeys (me too)
Spot: Me too...
Oscar: You ALL slept with Skits?!
YunaKitty2987: David: I didn't.
PolarSnuggles: Race: I did.
PolarSnuggles: Sarah: I did.
YunaKitty2987: David: Now I feel left out. *sniffles*
PolarSnuggles: Morris: I didn't
PolarSnuggles: Jake: I did...giggity giggity.
David: Wow, Skittery's a 'ho