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[Sep. 10th, 2006|11:03 pm]
Community for Newsie Love


PolarSnuggles: Jack: I love it when he bitchslaps people
YunaKitty2987: David: *bitchslaps Blink randomly*
PolarSnuggles: Blink: WTF?
YunaKitty2987: David: So, Jack, does that turn you on? *bitchslaps Les*
PolarSnuggles: Jack: Oh yeah.*looks at Les* OH YEAH!
YunaKitty2987: David: *bitchslaps Mush*
Mush: *runs away, sobbing*
PolarSnuggles: Jack*moans*
Blink: WTF?*runs after Mush*
YunaKitty2987: David: Oh yeah. You like that. *bitchslaps Oscar*
PolarSnuggles: Oscar:*growls*
Skittery: Down boy*pulls leash*
Jack*sexes David*
YunaKitty2987: David: *bitchslaps Jack*
Everyone: *stops and stares*
PolarSnuggles: Jack: Okay, is it weird that that totally made me hot?
YunaKitty2987: David: Thank God. I just got... a little carried away.
Spot: I would have killed you if I were Jackyboy.
Everyone: *stares at Spot in dominatrix outfit*
PolarSnuggles: Spot: What?*cranes neck* are my chains loose?
YunaKitty2987: David: So, Jack, can I hit you again?
PolarSnuggles: Jack: No
YunaKitty2987: David: *sighs*
PolarSnuggles: Spot: That's just weird, guys.
YunaKitty2987: David: And your whole... dom thing isn't?
PolarSnuggles: Spot: Shut up, David.
YunaKitty2987: David: *bitchslaps
YunaKitty2987: Spot*
YunaKitty2987: All: GASP
PolarSnuggles: Spot: Oh HAYL NO!*goes to whip David with dom riding crop but Jack's already sexing him*
YunaKitty2987: dAVID: sAVED BY TEH SECKS!
YunaKitty2987: *Reverse
PolarSnuggles: Spot*pouts*
YunaKitty2987: Race: It's going to be rough tonight, isn't it.
PolarSnuggles: Spot: DAMN RIGHT!  ON YOUR KNEES NAO!
YunaKitty2987: Race: *kneels* Dave, you're on my LIST.
PolarSnuggles: David*too busy orgasming to hear*
Spot: *rides Race like a pony while whipping him*
YunaKitty2987: Sarah: *looks around* Where the hell is Morris?
PolarSnuggles: Morris*runs in* I'm not not having an affair if that's what you're thinking.
YunaKitty2987: Sarah: I wasn't... until you mentioned it.
PolarSnuggles: Skittery: Who could he be having an affair with?  He's straight and the only other female is...ewwwww!  You're screwing Medda?!
Everyone: Ewwww.
Morris: I'm NOT screwing Medda.
Snitch: Elizabeth?
Swifty: areyoukidding?p!Jackwouldkillhim.
Morris: What?
YunaKitty2987: Sarah: Hmmm... and Oscar is currently leashed... It can't be... A MARY SUE? *dramatic music is cued*
PolarSnuggles: Snitch: Nah.  I sprayed for them this morning.
YunaKitty2987: Sarah: OR he's planning something romantic.
PolarSnuggles: Everyone*starts laughing*
YunaKitty2987: Sarah: ........
PolarSnuggles: Snitch: It's true.
Swifty: YeahOscarthinksupeverythingforhimandhe'sbeentranquilizedalldaybecauseofhisproblemsorwhateverandevenhedoesn'tevendoanythingromanticforSkitterysohehastobetotallyhavinganaffairbutwithwho?
YunaKitty2987: David: I don't know... maybe we should call in Judge Judy.
PolarSnuggles: Jack: She's still alive?
YunaKitty2987: David: True. How about Oprah?
PolarSnuggles: Jack: She's still alive?
YunaKitty2987: David: Yeah, I think so.
PolarSnuggles: Jack: Okay then
YunaKitty2987: David: She sold her soul to Satan, so I don't think she'll ever die.
Snoddy: I'll call her! I have her on speed dial
PolarSnuggles: Snitch: Of course you do.  I ate-hay y-may ife-lay.
YunaKitty2987: Oscar: *too sedated by shot Skittery gave him to care*
Snoddy: Oprah says she'll be here right after she gives away demonic Volvos to her unsuspecting audience.
PolarSnuggles: David: Swell.
YunaKitty2987: Oprah: *appears out of a hell portal*
PolarSnuggles: Jack: And you said we shouldn't have installed a hell portal.
Snitch: I fucking hate you, you know that?
YunaKitty2987: David: *bitchslaps Snitch, then walks over to Oprah* Hey. We want you to find out who my sister's caveman boyfriend is boning behind her back.
PolarSnuggles: Oprah: Let me use my divine powers *holds up Snitch's tarot cards*
Snitch*rubbing cheek* WTF?
YunaKitty2987: Sarah: *leans forward*
PolarSnuggles: Oprah: Let's see...ape-boy is having an affair with...Mush?
YunaKitty2987: Mush: WHAT?
PolarSnuggles: Jack: DAMN, Mush.  You get AROUND.
YunaKitty2987: Mush: LIES! OPRAH IS LYING!
YunaKitty2987: Sarah: *steals Jack's chainsaw*
PolarSnuggles: Mush: SHE'S LYING!
Morris: Sarah, wait!  Think about the baby!*runs*
PolarSnuggles: Morris: But Allen NEEDS two parents.
YunaKitty2987: Sarah: I'M NOT GOING TO KILL YOU, I'M GOING TO KILL HIM! *jabs chainsaw toward Mush*
David: Sarah... the CapsLock button is crying.
PolarSnuggles: Snitch: Seriously, stop molesting it, Sarah.
Mush: I didn't sleep with him!  We just fooled around.
YunaKitty2987: sarah: it's still cheating.
YunaKitty2987: david: sarah, you fucking killed the capslock button.
PolarSnuggles: jack: let us mourn it...
PolarSnuggles: mush: it is not.
blink: oh yes it is.
YunaKitty2987: sarah: see it is. how would you feel if i messed around with blink?!
PolarSnuggles: morris: turned on.
YunaKitty2987: sarah: i wasn't talking to you.
PolarSnuggles: mush: turned on
YunaKitty2987: sarah: men are asses.
PolarSnuggles: medda: damn right*sidles over to sarah*
morris: gurl secks!
YunaKitty2987: jack: ewwww...
PolarSnuggles: everyone: ewwwwwwwwwwwwww
PolarSnuggles: swifty:that'ssimplydisgustingwhowoulddothat?
spot: that's just weird
YunaKitty2987: sarah: i'll show you all! *pulls medda to back room*
david: this has taken a very sick turn...
PolarSnuggles: jack: that it has.  let's find denton.  he should get super protective now.  throw her into a machine.
YunaKitty2987: david: but she's my sister. and- oh, fuck it, i miss the capslock. let him kill the bitch.
PolarSnuggles: snitch: the loyalty to your family is astounding.
PolarSnuggles: oscar*murmuring*: jus' like otto...
YunaKitty2987: david: my top loyalty is to grammar.
PolarSnuggles: snitch: and spelling*looks at jack*
YunaKitty2987: david: hell yes.
PolarSnuggles: jack: h-a-y-l.  hell
YunaKitty2987: david: *moans and bitchslaps snitch*
PolarSnuggles: snitch: ow!  wtf?
YunaKitty2987: david: it's how we express our love.
PolarSnuggles: snitch: i fucking hate you, you know that?
YunaKitty2987: david: *bitchslaps* jack, spell "hate."
PolarSnuggles: jack: g-h-a-y-t-e-y.
YunaKitty2987: david: *jumps*
PolarSnuggles: snitch: i really fucking hate them *glares at swifty* shut up, i have to fill up oscar's pissed-off-ness until he regains consciousness.
YunaKitty2987: swifty: iwasn'tsayinganythingaboutyoursuddenrag.
YunaKitty2987: *rage
PolarSnuggles: snitch: what?
YunaKitty2987: swifty: *rolls eyes, then molests snitch*
PolarSnuggles: snitch: oi!
PolarSnuggles: swifty: ohkeepyourmouthshutyouknowyoulikeit